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Aug. 5th, 2008


Well, I've been pretty awesome. Broke, but awesome. Life is life, and I wouldn't have it any other way, quite frankly.

Been hangin' out with some awesome married peopletypes, and their kids are fantastic. Been cheering me up somethin' serious.

Won't be going back to school next semester, maybe the one afterwards, too, because I've got to pay back a substantial amount of money to FSU before they'll let me re-register for classes.

But, it's all good. As long as I've got enough money to get by, it's great.

I's be off, then, I s'pose. I dont' have the internet at the moment, so I won't be able to easily keep in contact with the everypeoples for a bit. I move in to me new place on Wednesday, ideally, but due to complications, don't get to fully be there until Friday.

Moving was ridiculous, and I've made so many awesome friends from Stevi B's, including these folks. I guess I didn't even update about that, have I? Man, it's been a while.

Either way, everything's comin' up Milhouse.

Jun. 28th, 2008


So, life's been good, life's been good. My last paycheck was short of rent, but it was okay, because I had some left over from the previous one. I find it to be a good thing, that I had enough foresight to plan ahead fer it.

I got my Utilities bill, and it was $65 for last month. For a 3 bedroom apartment XD. That's just hilarious. Hi-larious.

I gave someone's car a jump a while ago, and yesterday, I helped two girls change the Alternator in their KIA. Took like 20 minutes. This one has a little bad news, though. Nothin' big. As usual when I work on cars, I opened up a gash on my hands. My right ring finger in particular. It's been swollen since then, around the first knuckle. Hurts if things touch it just right.

I'm workin' a double every day this weekend. It's kinda a complaint, but at the same time, I'm happy that I'm working as much. More monies.

I got $7 in tips today, 5 from one family. Five effin' dollars. That was awesome XD. And yesterday, I got like five total, I think?

Today, I saw that Dante person. The one that's tryin' to help me get a job at the Hot Topics. So, that was cool. He's as cool as ever, too.

I'mma get to sleep, though. So's I can be ready for the next double. Whoo!

Jun. 18th, 2008


Good stuff's been happening. Like, at first, I was worried about how many hours I was going to get at work (They've been cutting them back continuously. First, it was 79 hours per two weeks on my paycheck, then 60, then 56, and it looked like it was gonna be 48 this time D:), and they hired four new people, so things were looking grim. But, two of them quit on Monday. Two of the new people, that were just hired. So, I got called in after my first shift to come back and cover one of them. Seems like they're on a firing spree again, though. Interesting stuff.

At any rate, during that shift, being the friendly talkative person I am, I made conversation with someone at the buffet line, and he seemed like a neat guy. Who had a neat wife, and three kids. He worked at Hot Topic, and had a second job as a Taxi driver. I would hate to have a job as a driver.

So, after one of his/their kids threw some pizza on the floor or something, I came by with a mop and took care of it, and the guy was like "Hey. Would you be looking for another like 5-10 hours of work a week?" "Uh, sure." "Do you have a car?" "Yup" "Cool, 'cause I think we could use someone with a personality like yours at Hot Topic."

So, that's pretty fuggin' awesome. I spent most of my offtime yesterday trying to get my printer working to print out an application, but it's being stubborn (In combination with my internet not being online long enough for me to download the proper driver for it). And I'm hoping to get that application to them before I have to go in for work at 6.

So, the bad part that makes me have this title.

I've been feeling kinda sick lately, I guess. Mostly, a runny nose. But, I haven't been sleeping well lately at *all*. I've still been dreaming, but I've had a ridiculously sore neck for the past like two days. Like, stiff, and jerk-ly sore. Hopin' that's not indicating that it's that... one sickness that has a stiff neck as a symptom. Hoping it's unrelated.

Either way, it sucks XD.

Oh, and last night, I dreamt I was Spiderman. It was pretty neat, I guess.

It'd be awesome to have a superpower, besides being just cute and friendly =P

Jun. 13th, 2008


So, life's been pretty good lately. Work's been fun and good an' all that stuff. Bossboss seems to be takin' it a bit easier, so that's cool. And I've had some awesome customers and stuff.

Like once, we were having a party for mentally disabled children, and one of them gave me the crust of her pizza. I was touched. Also, like yesterday, there was a guy that came up to the salad bar as I was refilling some of the veggie containers, and I asked him if I could help him find something, as we do whenever someone's at the buffet line and wea re as well. He looked at me and said "I'm an every vegetable man, every single one of them. Goddamn!" It was spectacular. I helped him get some of the vegetables from the back of the container thingity, and he asked what the Garbanzo beans were. I told him Chick Peas, or Garbanzo Beans, and his reply was "Oh no. Those are egregious!"

He made my day.

I also got to play Mariokart for the Wii for the first time two days ago. And I think it's a fuckin' blast to play XD. I played it last night, with a different group of friends, and they thought I was crazy, for wanting to use the Wiimote and Wii wheel. But, whatev. I got first in quite a few races, and I was racing in Automatic, too. Because I didn't know what the drift button was for the Wiimote. But now I know, and knowing is half the battle. So, you'd better believe I'm gonna beef up on Manual to make it all awesome-like.

Got some hangin' out with some friends scheduled for tomorrow, too. So, that's pretty cool.

I'm workin' a double today, so I'm just on break for now. But, if you tune in next time, at the same Bat-place, I'm sure there'll be... I dunno. Frankfurters or something.

May. 26th, 2008


So, work and suches lately has been really awesome. I'm getting recognized at work for doing good, even by the store owner, and am an established employee there and stuff. I'm getting plenty of hours, so who knows. I might even have some extra money sometime.

Furthermore, with this extra money, I might actually be able to afford a visit down to Merritt Island with my next paycheck, meaning I'll be able to attend a wedding and stuffs.

Been hangin' out with Sean, too, and that's great.

Oh, and I hooked up my newer, more functional Dreamcast, so I was finally able to play Jet Grind Radio. It's an absolutely amazing game. I'm glad to have had the privelage of playing it, and see that it was far beyond its years. The Dreamcast, and that game, and everything. Sega's so damn cool.

Been meeting awesome people lately, too. Like at work on Sunday, which was unexpectedly superlong, there was a birthday party. I mean, it happens. We host them all the time. And it was Batman Themed. Like, in the back, the table had a batman tablecloth, a Batman Balloon, Batman plates, a Batman Pinata (they weren't allowed to do that inside, of course), and a Batman themed birthday cake. And it was like 4:30 or something, and the only people there at the time were like this college dude and his girlfriend. So, the party was supposed to start around 5.

5 rolls around, and 6 more college dudes come in. And sit down at the table. And that was the party. It was awesome XD. And what made it absolutely stellar was that, on top of just being really nice and cool folks, when they cut the cake, they gave everyone that was working a slice. I was so touched.

I really want to learn to Breakdance XD.

I think that about sums things up. Still been dreaming every night, just about. I just forget them sometimes before I can even make it to my computer to write 'em down. But I remember I had them.

I love my dreams so much =3.

I love my friends so much. I loves my family so much. I love people =3.

Thanks for bein' awesome, everyone =3

May. 23rd, 2008

Crazy crazy dream

Man. What madness that was.

I was playing some game at Cameron's parents' house in Merritt Island, and like, there were a buncha people over there. It was kinda like Secret of the Solstice combined with a more epic world, and there was flying in it and stuff. And Cameron's assassin character was wearing a giant bird outfit with a bright green robe and a sun behind its head, and when he'd go flying, he'd switch to like a handbrush broom thing in one hand, and like Aang's flyer in his other hand. Apparently, he could shoot things outta his broom.

He was showin' his character off, and flying from really high ledges and stuff to other places, and beatin' stuff up, and in this game, you didn't pick up money or items or anything directly, everything dropped numbers, that were only on the ground for a limited amount of time. There were positive and negative numbers, and you could only hold eight on you before you took them in and added them to your points. But once you did, all the other numbers that were out on the ground at the time disappeared. And you could drop them before you accepted them, but of course, they were only on the ground for a limited amount of time. He ended up getting like 1600 points or something on the killing spree he went on, despite the fact that most of the numbers you'd get most of the time were like single digit numbers.

He let somene else play the game, and I saw Cameron's dad coming inside and telling Cameron and some girl from my work that I don't really like about how we need to stay indoors and keep quiet because he's doing an experiment in the garage. Also, we needed to pick a filling for a dessert. I was very excited about this, and chose Pineapple. Except in the dream, pineapples were like the size of basketballs and just as round. So, I like had to cut them in half, and then those halves into slices, and then cut off the skin, and then cut them into sections. And then I put a small amount of blackberry jam on each piece. They tasted delicious in my dream.

The girl from work that I don't like was doing her own thing and like totally vetoing my ideas, and since she was the one that'd talked to Cameron's dad, I guess hers would likely go through or something? I dunno, but I equally disliked her in my dream.

And then I woke up. It was pretty bitchin'.

So, things've been pretty okay up here. Mostly on the good and double plus good side. Got my paycheck yesterday and it was quite a bit higher than I expected. But, it won't get into my account until tomorrow morning. Which sucks, 'cause I'm starving, and only have 13 cents in my bank account right now, and not a lot of food.

Which, I figured out, is why I've been so tired lately. My diet's been awful. If I couldn't eat the buffet at work for $1, I likely would have starved to death. Good thing I'm a packrat and keep all my change EVER. But, yeah. Now that I can afford shopping, I can actually start eating healthy again. Hooah!

I've been getting enough hours, and praise from my managers and the store owner, even! So, they're appreciating my work, at least =3.

I actually rather like working there now =3.

My biggest complaints are boredom and loneliness. Most videogames aren't doin' it for me these days, however, I don't even really get that much free time off from work XD. Like, on days that I'm working, I'm pretty much *working*. My hours range from either 3-5 per day, and then at least half of the time, I come back in for another 5-7 hours. And 90% of the time, I'm closing. So, due to the schedule, I really haven't gotten to hang out with the people that still *are* up here.

My internet's been really horribly shitty lately, too. Because since Jacob moved out, I've had to use the Apartment provided internet, instead of paying for internet for the whole apartment? And it gets disconnected every like 5 minutes, quite literally. I can't really do much talking or surfing or much of anything like that. It's very... very frustrating. And the reason why I don't get my own is because I'd much rather have $50 a month. And I'm movin' outta here on July 31st, so I can deal until then.

But, yeah. Mostly good, mostly good =3.

May. 19th, 2008


So, I had my first nightmare in a long, long time.

Tycho and Gabe and their wives came to visit me for some reason, and I was having some sort of a party or somethin', but I was really embarassed because my house was really messy. And they were spending the night. So, after they headed off to bed, I went for a walk, beating myself up over it. I walked down like Gaines until the morning, and then there were some other people on the street, including my sister. And there was this like tiny water tower that was barely above ground level that two little girls in white dresses with black hair were staring into. One of them said they lost their daughter in there, and the other said they lost their husband in there. When I told my sister of this, the girls both let out a scary crazy cackle and disappeared, and I was like running and ran up to some old lady, who also started cackling, and steadily smiling less as she started to decay, standing there.

And then I woke up and hid under my blankets for a bit until I fell asleep.

Weeeeird stuff.

Work's goin' okay. Gettin' lots of hours, so that's pretty cool.

I haven't played a worthwhile vidjya game in some time. They don't really seem to hold my interest as well these days. More than anything, I just desire human interaction. So, I'll be tryin' ter get a hold of people in my free time.

Oh, and two of my friends have been up here, visiting me for like a week. It's been pretty fun. Didn't get to spend a lot of time with them, though, 'cause of lots of work. Ah well. It's still good to see them, and have other people in the house XD

May. 9th, 2008

So, let's see.

I suppose I'll start from newest and head back.

Jacob moved out yesterday. Sucks. But, I'll manage, I think. I hope XD. Feelin' super-lonely. Living by yourself in a 3 bedroom apartment is pretty much suck XD. Plus, it seems like 70% of the time or more, when I send someone some sort of a message, there's no reply. Much like Steve Conte.

I got a job at Stevie B's. Pizza Buffet, ahoy! Looks like I'll be getting plenty of hours, too. Which's great, because I've got plenty of bills.

I started sleeping on a regular sleeping schedule, more or less. I was getting to sleep by midnight and waking up around 7 or 8, but lately, I've been sleeping in until like 10, because I get off work at like 11 and still want to do things when I get home.

I've been doing tons and tons of self-searching, gained much insight, and no longer hate myself. Whoo! I also have gotten better at dealing with other people and helping other people, after learning to help myself. And I look much younger now, surprisingly. Especially when I smile. It's pretty crazy XD.

Hit them directly in the Sacrum! The Sacrum!

Oh. And I got very very much into Avatar. And through self-searching and whatnot, I've gained new avenues through which to take in information. I take so much more out of watching Cartoons and Anime than I used to. It's awesome XD

I've also started appreciating lyrics a lot more in music, and as such, have started gaining much more respect for (Good) hip-hop and rap. Shocking!

Tune in next time for another exciting adventure! Because I have work to get all up ons.

Mar. 24th, 2008

Lots and lots

Lots has happened. I have to post this first, though, because I might quickly forget if I don't.

3 dreams last night. Yep. 3 for the price of one.

First one, I was supposed to be going on some sort of a field trip or somethin' with like a gifted class. This one's all disjointed and stuff, but I had to drive at several points, and we had to do lots of waiting for people to get ready, and took several trips, some of which, some people didn't come with us. I saw my cousin Strother in the dream, and it was apparently my birthday, and he didn't know, so he said I could have $10 from his wallet. That's about all I remember.

The second one, I was in like High School or something, in a Spanish Class, and we had a test. I didn't remember like any of it, and one of my friends that wasn't in the class was there, or... I wasn't supposed to be there. I think that was it. The other student that I knew was having some sort of a debate with the teacher, and when the opportunity arose, I said something to disprove the teacher or something. She gave me a detention, and I left the classroom. She followed, and went on a like... detention-spree, giving them to anyone she saw in the hallways. It ended up being kinda creepy, because she got kinda inhuman. I saw my friend Anna and asked that I could run away with her, because I guess she was gettin' da fux out. We were gettin' on the boundaries of the school and I remember the teacher headin' fer us, and that was it.

The last dream, I was a vampire. I was part of some big like royal vampire family, and every so often a festival would be held and people would marry. There was one of my brothers who married a lot of people at the festival in the beginning. Like, gave a buncha crazy ribbons and whatnot to them. One of them was another of our brothers, and just a buncha ladyfolks. I'd gone up in the sky on like a hang-glider thing earlier or something, and when I came down, met this girl that I'd decided I was going to marry. And apparently, I knew I was going to go into a thousand year slumber. When I awoke, the park we held the festival at was still around, and it was festival time again. I didn't want to marry 'cause I already had someone chosen, but couldn't for the life of me remember who. I ended up going up in the sky in a parasail thing again, and it made me start to feel deja vu and stuff. And I ended up finding the girl who didn't remember either. But we liked eachother quite a bit, and then, as I remembered it was her, I found out she was engaged to my brother, the same one that married a lot of people every festival. I was quite angry, and when everyone left, I stayed behind, because I found a silver bullet in the grounds, complete with a case and everything. So, I kept searching, finding more, and crazy lookin' ones. I saw some human there, who thought I was crazy for doing this, and they were doin' some sort of construction or something. Eventually, I made my way back to my palace, and to the banquet hall, where everyone was eating. I was making a big announcement, about how people might have noticed my absence, and how I'd spent the last 5 days without sleep, searching for... and I was cut off by someone else, telling me they already knew, and they weren't happy with me. Because that would mean I was intending on killing a vampire, and they knew it was going to be my brother. I'd also had a giant gun prepared. I mean, this thing was huge. So, apparently, I had to have some sort of a trial with the elders, and since it was somewhat futuristic in this dream, we could have like conference calls and communicate on like PDA things. I was allowed to ask them some questions about the case, and whether or not I could rightfully get my wife back without having to kill my brother. And I learned a lot, about how there was some sort of deathmatch over marriages that was part of the history that used to involve swords made of silver, but guns were fine in this day and age. And then, my time asking questions was up (I was outside somewhere, usin' the PDA thang), and it just so happened that I saw the youngest of the elders getting on a bus with a buncha people, and stopped her to ask a few last questions. I brought up that my brother marries many people at every festival, including some from our own bloodline, and she thought about it and said they'll have to take that into consideration because they hadn't.

And that's where it ended.

I forgot to ask, while in the dream, about whether or not my amnesia after the sleep meant I'd been tampered with, because there wasn't supposed to be any of that.

At any rate, tons of stuff happened since the last post. I'll post about it sometime, probably.

Feb. 18th, 2008


Well, I didn't end up goin' to the hospital. Me dad talked me mom outta it, and that's good, because after some massive sleeping, I'm feeling a lot better. Not completely better, and it's raining like a mofo all over the roads, so I won't be driving back up to Tallahassee yet again tonight.

At least my fever's gone now, though, and it seems like I can start actually eating again.

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