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On the road. Estimated arrival time is 6 AM. Altogether, pretty good trip. Built my first snowman.

You know, Rose, I'm pretty much writing in my journal to get in contact with you. Just about nobody else I know still uses their livejournal, and I have no means of communication with you that actually seem to work. I really wanna see you when you're down.

Hope to hear from you soon =3


I still journal! Wait, no not really. Oughta get back on that, it's only been three months or so >_> I read up though, at least every couple of weeks.
Looking forward to seeing you after New Year's...should I send you the address via Facespook mail, or is there an email address that still is working?
Hope you had good crim-cram reunion! See you soooonish ^.^


You only get back on it if you want to. And you can send it to me via Facebewk, as I don't really wanna put out me email address on this Livejournal thingity XD. Or, hell. Text it to me XD
Well ken ken my phone isnt working at the moment and i have been super busy, so i dont come online all that much. I will be in St. Pete though, are yu going to be in that area? if so i would love to see you, just dont expect it to be with natalie as we are no longer friends.

Yaaaaay, you replied!

And here, I thought you hated me! XD

I won't be, per se, but I can be! A two-to-three hour drive is not too bad, methinks =3. And yeah. I managed to get a hold of Natalie and heard of that. Kinda a bummer.

But, at the same time, we never got a chance to hang out by ourselves! So, sure! Get yer phone fixed! Izzit still the same number? Because I've got a new phone meself. Send me an email to ze uh Livejournal mail, and I'll get it to you, as well as my emails address. Well, actually, that's in your livejournal mail thing XD

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