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Jan. 2nd, 2010

Hippo Hippo new year, everypeoples

Do I have some resolutions? Probably. Not all too important, though. Things like "Help my parents clean the house, make sure my dad eases up on drinking (and overuse of his electric wheelchair)..." Meh.

I'm gonna turn old soon D:

Dec. 27th, 2009


On the road. Estimated arrival time is 6 AM. Altogether, pretty good trip. Built my first snowman.

You know, Rose, I'm pretty much writing in my journal to get in contact with you. Just about nobody else I know still uses their livejournal, and I have no means of communication with you that actually seem to work. I really wanna see you when you're down.

Hope to hear from you soon =3

Dec. 25th, 2009

Merry Crammas, everypeople!

I can't get back to sleep because this fold-out matress blows and I can hear my grandma snoring from two rooms over. It sounds like it's snowing outside, but I can't be certain; the windows are too foggy to see out of. The sound isn't as relaxing as rain. But maaaaan. Snow sure is pretty.

Gonna keep trying to sleep. Haves some happy holidays! And Rose! Check your livejournal mail! XD

Dec. 24th, 2009


Arrived in North Carolina. Left last night at 11:30. Just now here. Parents driving me crazy. Grandma's not lookin' too good. Sleeping in car sucks. Trying sleep in dusty creepy room

Dec. 23rd, 2009


Consarnit, Rose! You doesn't reply to me in any other way, even in comments on your livejournal. So, leave a comment or *something*! XD

I mean to say, today is a busy day. Things have been busy and pretty nuts around here. Yup. This is a journal post.

But, today, I've gotta set up my dad's Karaoke show, go to work at Hungry Howie's, and then drive my family to North Carolina for the first family reunion in like 10 years. Or whatever. Somethin' crazy like that. My dad had me take out the middle seat in the van to put in a mattress *so he could sleep while I drove*.

So, uh, funny things to watch or something? Watch the DBZ abridged series. And Gumby Bangin' Horses. And, if you still haven't seen it, Italian Spiderman.

This has been your annual journal post by that dude! Perhaps coming to a store near you (That is, if you call within the next 20 minutes!)!

Jan. 25th, 2009

Life (Seriously, not last words, either. Like, fr srs. Just thinking aloud)

What a pondrous thing. So many sayings about it. Some good, some bad. It makes perfect sense: life is what you make of it. You could sit atop a pile of diamonds and, chances are, be extremely unhappy. For one, diamonds are very rigid and probably uncomfortable to sit on, and for another, all the money and riches in the world can't buy the things that're most important. Like jetskis and walruses, and... oh wait, money can buy those? Shit.

One interesting way of thinking about it: Life's a bitch, and then you die. Why is life a female dog? Almost an extremely negative Buddhist mindset, there. I suppose, the other side of the coin that goes with it.

Life is like a box of chocolates: If you're Diabetic, you're fucked!

It's so hard to find people that're truly happy with the life they lead these days. Why is that? There's a positive and a negative to everything. Why are we so trained to look at the negative?

Why are we so unhappy? I suppose it could be blamed on the actions of others. Perhaps if everyone lived in their own bubble, we'd be happy. Nobody to muck up our plans.

Humans, though, are very social creatures. And what good are plans if nobody's there to appreciate them, or to follow them? What good is all the gold in the world if nobody's there to be jealous, or to shine your golden shoes when they get scuffed on your nothing-rocks?

And then there are people who try to mix the two, and buy friendship. Fraternities are such interesting things.

I'm sure that, at times, I've tried to barter for friendship, though not in the most obvious sense. Offered things of myself for the sake of negating my innate loneliness. I am just as human as everyone else. Does everyone else suffer from this conundrum?

This is all coming out so negative. I was just hoping to be contemplative. A perfect, shining example, I guess.

Maybe because the positives require effort. I can't think of a whole lot of things that are worth doing that can be achieved through... not-doing. Anything that's worth doing is worth not doing? What kind of a saying would that be?

Is it because the positive requires effort, and thus becomes less enjoyable? Or perhaps, just less-easy to obtain?

Are human beings such victims of circumstance and natural law, that we too try to find the simplest path? Water does it. Dogs do it. And we're just as animal and as much a part of this planet as any of those things. We're made of water... but not dogs. And we do things other... things don't do. We erect these monuments and ruin the world. And for what? Our egos?

So confused. So confusing. So intriguing. It's like a sitcom. I can push the buttons on the remote as much as I want, but is anything actually changing? Does it continue on without me, without my watchful eye? Or does it cease to be without my input, despite what little it seems to do?

At least some of my classes this semester are fun. Hm.

I miss so many of you. To all those that I have forgotten, and to those that forgot me, I wish I could be once again a part of your lives.

And don't worry. These are, for reals, not any sort of last words or anything so grim. I just do my best thinking in conversation. Even if it's a monologue.

Dec. 28th, 2008

Last week

I saw(r) a film. As I recall, it was a horror film.

Nah. It's been a while since I posted. Worked at Stevi B's for like 7 months, quit because I'm goin' back to school, and because I could finally afford to take a vacation. Next semester's gonna be pretty tight on money, but that's fine. I can find a job if I really, really need it. And Steve's keeping me in his books in case I change my mind and want to work a day or two at Stevi B's anymore.

I might get a haircut. *shrug*

Crammas was nothing particularly special. But, I got to see my friends and family and whatnot, so that was pretty damn awesome.

Headin' back up to Tallahassee today. Kinda don't want to, but whatev. I've gotta get that schoolin' before it gets me.

Aug. 17th, 2008


I'm waiting to clock on at work, and it was raining pretty hard on part of town, and now there's a gorgeous, huge rainbow. There's a cloud in front of part of it and everything, and it falls behind a bunch of birds sitting on a powerline. And my camera on my phone is too crappy to take a picture, but it'd look *amazing* if I could. Because dag. Fuggin' awesome.

Freemanic Paracusia


Holy shit. If this is for reals, I might, or might have, suffer(ed) (suffer is a loose term anyway) from this. Except instead of Morgan Freeman, it was James Earl Jones, and especially back in Elementary school. I can't recall this having happened in years.

Teeny Tiny Girl Squad!

I miss Videogames

I miss my mom

I miss videogames

I- I- I-miss my mom

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